Market Research & Consulting Services

We offer market research and consulting services in the markets of Japan and Singapore as well as other East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.
The ASEAN economy has seen remarkable growth in recent years. With a population of over 600 million people, when considered as one country, the ASEAN region would be the eighth largest economy in the world in terms of GDP.
Amongst its constituent members, Singapore is known as the gateway to the ASEAN region. Singapore’s presence as the world’s financial centre and Asia’s information and trade hub is said to grow even more in the future.
As a Japanese company based in Singapore, through the INF Group network in Asia, we provide a wide range of overseas business support such as market research and sales support to companies wanting to break into the markets of Japan as well as Southeast Asian countries.

Our services are perfect for companies wanting to

  • acquire information regarding the Japan and Singapore market in order to expand their businesses there
  • break into the Japan market but lack the ability to communicate in Japanese and the human resources to do so
  • build an F&B (food, beverages and confectionery) sales network in the markets of Japan and Singapore as well as other East Asian and Southeast Asian countries

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Overseas Business Support

We can support you:

  • by helping to increase your number of overseas customers and expanding your sales network in Japan and Southeast Asian markets, etc.
  • in business matching with trustworthy local companies
  • in negotiation with overseas business partners and agents

Our staff have over 30 years of hands-on experience in Japan, Southeast Asia and East Asia in sales and marketing activities as well as management and negotiation with distributors from major internationally recognised manufacturing companies in the F&B industry (food, beverage, and confectionery), and can provide detailed support in overseas business expansion through our network and expertise.

If you are looking for support to expand your businesses in the markets of Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia or East Asian countries, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to your needs flexibly.

Some Past Examples of Our Support Services

  • Support for an overseas food and confectionery manufacturer to break into the Japanese market and the referral of importers, distributors and prospective customers
  • Support for a Singaporean import trading company by negotiating with a Japanese healthcare appliance manufacturer
  • Referral of Japanese and European food/confectionery brands to local importers from East Asian and Southeast Asian countries
  • Support in the development of private label products (food and confectionery) for prospective retail chains in Southeast Asia, research on factories for outsourcing production as well as negotiation support
  • Support for a Vietnamese food manufacturer to break into the Japanese market