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About INF Singapore and what sets us apart from other translation companies

Its Singapore office, INF Singapore, is one of the few Japanese translation and interpretation companies based in Singapore.

Familiarity with the local business culture enables us to provide translation and interpretation services in Japanese, English and various South East Asian languages that cater to your needs.

INF Japan, whose headquarters are located in Nagoya, Japan, has been providing professional translation and interpretation services since 1988 using their expertise and experience to deliver the best quality.

Our database includes numerous translation and interpretation experts in various languages.

Many of our customers come back to us for our high quality, quick turnaround and low cost services.



We offer translation and interpretation services in over 100 language pairs including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Burmese (Myanmar), Khmer (Cambodia), Lao, Tagalog, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Eastern European, Nordic and many other languages.
We also offer languages not listed above. Please feel free to contact us.

Translation Services

Recognised as one of the most reliable translation companies in the industry, our clients include many reputable companies in Japan. Based on our solid foundation and achievements, we have expanded our expertise to include high quality translation services across all industries especially in Japanese language pairs.
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Interpretation Services

We provide interpretation services to facilitate smooth communication across a wide range of settings in Singapore, such as international conferences, internal meetings, trainings or seminars, business meetings, overseas business trips, trade shows, medical appointments, IR and litigation, etc.

We can arrange for consecutive, simultaneous or whispering interpreters best suited for your requirements and event settings. We also offer remote interpretation services, such as video conference via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp and other forms of media.

Our dedicated Japanese and English-speaking coordinators will advise the best solutions to meet your needs. As a Japanese translation and interpretation company based in Singapore, we are able to arrange interpreters based in Singapore as well as in major cities in the ASEAN region. Arranging a local interpreter will reduce costs involved in transport and accommodation.
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Consulting Services

In addition to translation and interpretation, through INF Group’s extensive network, we also offer a wide range of business support such as business matching, market research and sales support, etc. to companies wanting to expand their businesses to Japan, Singapore and/or other Southeast Asian countries.
Our staff are experienced in executing sales and marketing activities, managing sales agents and negotiating with major Japanese and European manufacturing companies in the F&B and confectionery industries mainly in Japan, Singapore and Southeast Asia.
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